The patents pending Conewich® bread cone is a flexible, soft, hand held, fully baked bread cone that features the unique ability to hold very moist foods and foods with sauces such as: salads, seafood, chili, BBQ beef, chicken, pork, Philly Cheese, Gyros, and egg combinations. You can also have a Conewich bread cone for dessert with fillings such as: apple/cherry cobbler with ice cream and many others. (See Menu)



These and other foods can now be easily eaten on-the-go; while walking, seated at a sports event or wherever. The Conewich bread cone is best served warm and moist from a bun warmer, toastmaster, or microwave. The Conewich bread cone is easy to handle, serve, and display. Please see the following Link, Link, and Link.  The Conewich bread cone is usually shipped frozen, bulk packed in a box, in a freezer bag. Shelf life after thaw is approximately 7 days. Paper serving jackets, table top display holders, wire holders, and caps, aprons & shirts can be ordered separately. (See Accessories)



Conewich bread cones can be shipped frozen with or without fillings. The Conewich bread cone can be packaged individually or in bulk to your specifications. Fillings can be produced to the individual requirements of your customers by USDA approved companies for all occasions: breakfast , lunch, dinner, entree, even appetizers. Filled Conewich bread cones are individually wrapped in a stand-up holder that can be heated in a microwave or oven up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.



We are seeking additional bakeries and food companies in the U.S. and abroad to manufacture, market, sell and distribute the Conewich bread cone.









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